About Globeport.


Globeport is a state of the art social network and developer platform built on principles of privacy by design.

Social networks are wonderful, powerful things. They allow us to connect and share information like we've never been able to before. They open doors to new opportunities, provide an audience for our creativity, they allow us to share common experiences and they help us keep up to date with our friends and love ones. Yet every major social network consumes vast amounts of our personal information. Our interests, opinions, activities and interactions feed into complex advertising systems and despite best intentions we become a target for manipulation, and political influence.

There is another way! The technology exists to operate a social network using end to end encryption. Whenever we communicate with friends and family our posts can be encrypted so that they cannot be read by middle men or 3rd parties. Our thoughts and reactions can be protected from analysis and monitization by ensuring that they are only accessible to the people we know and trust. Globeport has been built using this technology, the same security protocol embedded in secure messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Signal (https://whispersystems.org/).

We want to build a platform that provides an alternative to the current free-for-all on personal data. Our platform will aim to provide all the features expected of a modern social network but with a focus on privacy and secure information exchange. Our developer app, Elements will allow anyone with basic coding knowledge to extend Globeport with rich interactive elements, features and user experiences - a creative playground to help shape the future of the platform.

Globeport is really a combination of 4 things built on top of a core zero knowledge messaging framework; a social network, a personal database, a widget library and a developer platform.

Social Network

Personal Database

Widget Library

Developer Platform

This is just the start of Globeport's mission and there's a long way to go! But hopefully this gives an idea of the scope of the project.

If you'd like more details, (or maybe you'd like to get involved?) please drop me a line. It would be great to hear what you think.


Stuart, Founder


Stuart Beattie
Globeport Founder

About Globeport

  • Globeport is a highly flexible, programmable social network and messaging platform built on the principles of privacy by design. The idea is simple; keep people connected with the people and organisations they care about. Reduce the friction of capturing and exchanging information, and do it in a way that's fun, functional and secure.

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